Car Camping Tips

Tips to Fully Enjoy Your Car Camping Experience

Tips to Help You Fully Enjoy Your Car Camping Experience:

  1. Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Start your trip with a full tank of gas and bring an extra gas can if you know you’re going to be backwoods with no access to fuel.

2. Bring Plenty of Water

Water is an important commodity so make sure you have enough packed for the trip. Take your opportunity to top off your water bottles at any available visitor centers and gas stations you pass on the way.

3. Make it Comfortable

Bring your blankets and an air mattress to top off your car camping experience. You have your car so you aren’t packing any items in, feel free to bring an extra blanket, some chairs, and a camping stove to add to the experience.

4. Turn off the Lights

To save your car battery, make sure to turn off your lights. Just in case, ensure someone in your party has jumper cables in case of dead battery.

5. Throw Out of You Garbage

When camping it is important to Leave No Trace by packing out all garbage. When you have access to waste bins, at trailheads or visitor centers, throw out your garbage. Any piece of trash or waste brought into your campsite needs to be removed from your campsite and it needs some help, leave the site better than you found it.


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